Thursday, November 23, 2006

From "What RPG Player (Not Character) Type Are You?"

"You scored as Storyteller.

The Storyteller is in it for the plot: the sense of mystery and the fun of participating in a narrative that has the satisfying arc of a good book or movie. He enjoys interacting with well-defined NPCs, even preferring antagonists who have genuine motivations and personality to mere monsters. To the Storyteller, the greatest reward of the game is participating in a compelling story with interesting and unpredictable plot threads, in which his actions and those of his fellow characters determine the resolution. With apologies to Robin Laws.

Storyteller 90%
Tactician 85%
Specialist 85%
Character Player 55%
Casual Gamer 50%
Power Gamer 15%
Weekend Warrior 10%"

Courtesy of CharlesRyan who created the quiz,
Rob Laws who created the system of classification,
Hank Harwell who mentioned it on the
Christian Gamers' Guild (in their Yahoogroup),
and the late Glenn Blacow, the greatest gamemaster
in the world, who first came up with the idea of
classifying games and players, may he rest in peace.

BTW, more information on player styles, using Rob's
classification, is in the Dungeon Master's Guide II
and in Dungeon Master (sic) for Dummies.