Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bitter Sweet

I'm impressed, and not in a good way, with the new "game" from Twix (the candy bar). They actually managed to get me to agree with the Politically Correct femocrats at safercampus.org.

I don't know if you're aware that this ad campaign has provoked a very negative reaction among people; one website described it as an "interactive date-rape tutorial."

I'm a man, and I'm not Politically Correct, and even I dislike the fact that your company apparently thinks the best alternative to choose, at the end of the game, is to lie to the woman.

A relationship based upon a Big Lie is going to fail, and at least one person will be unhappy with it. Or, if you're saying that's okay because it's just a one-night stand and the guy will have sex, then I'm offended as a Christian -- someone who believes that sex outside of marriage is a bad idea...like eating too much candy.

Congratulations, though, on an ad campaign that actually makes me agree with Poltiically Correct femocrats about something! I'm putting this on my blog! (Oh, yeah, obviously your ad wizards don't know much about blogging, either.)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Burn Notice

I just posted this conundrum at www.safercampus.org in response to a post entitled "Stealth Conservatives At It Again":

I'm very curious what would persuade you that FIRE is not "a far right organization." I see they have defended (among others) Ward Churchill, as well as a professor who posted an anti-religious cartoon on his office door, and a student who was expelled from school for his environmental activism.

Alternatively, maybe you consider defending free speech for all to be a "far right" viewpoint. Does that mean you think that the "left-wing" viewpoint should be in favor of censorship or political inequality?

Or, you might say something like "Yes, they defend free speech for everyone equally, which is a Good Thing, but they are still mostly right-wing in the rest of their lives." In that case, I would suggest that you should be glad that you and they agree on at least some things, such as freedom of speech and equal legal rights. (I also suggest the same things to my right-wing friends when we discuss the ACLU!)

[Oh, when I say I posted it, I mean I tried to post it, but apparently they didn't accept it. Apparently they are biased against logic and the truth.]

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Macro Zombie Virus

The midterm for ECON 715 (Macroeconomics) is coming up next week, and so is the second midterm for ECON 630 (Mathematical Economics). Last week was the midterm for ECON 811 (Microeconomics) which I would have aced except that I completely forgot how to do a Lagrange substitution. So for next time I'm having the equations for the Lagrangian auxiliary function tattooed on my arm.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hey, Obama-For-President Campaign, Sue Me For This!

I haven't been a McCain supporter for over a year, but here's one reason I'm not for Obama either: the Obama campaign has threatened to sue television stations which air the following anti-Obama ad which gives accurate information about his anti-gun political positions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm0mo3bgvw0

As one member of The Volokh Conspiracy said,
The proper response to such attempts to infringe on the First Amendment is to make sure that the video in question receives the widest circulation possible, to deter the Obama campaign, and other campaigns for that matter, from engaging in such tactics in the future. So here it is. Share it with a friend, with a note that Obama is in violation of the First Amendment, threatening legal action against stations that run it.