Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ending the Embargo on France

I'm still recovering from Thanxgiving -- and still in a period of heavy seminar-paper overload -- but I'm glad that Sarkozy is President of France. Since Eurasia /i/s/ /n/o/w/ has always been allied with Oceania, I can enjoy Beaujolais Nouveau again with a clear conscience. I got into the habit almost twenty years ago of drinking Beaujolais Nouveau with Thanxgiving turkey and I don't care what Mike Steinberger says.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

This is not at all relevant to this post, but how can I e-mail John Fast?
John, it's been about nine years since you and I actually met face to face in Pittsburgh.
I'd post my e-mail address here but I'm afraid of getting more spam.
When I opened MY blogspot blog, there was a place at the top with my e-mail address.
But there isn't here, that I can see, anyway. Michael Morrison

Anton Sherwood said...

You don't like real <s>strikeout</s> for some reason?

John Fast said...

Anonymous: I have no idea who you are or whether I'm the particular John Fast that you're thinking of, and the best way to email me these days is my first initial plus my last name at George Mason University.